Network Cabling Long Beach

About Us

Network Cabling Long Beach was founded in 2001 and we are a customer service oriented network and fiber cabling services provider that is based in Southern California. Our key employees have been involved in the Telecommunications/Network Cabling field since the early 90’s and bring a wealth of technical and project management expertise to any installation.

We appreciate that it is the relationships between people that are the seeds of success of a project or organization. We are committed to building a long-term relationship with all our clients regardless of their size.

Network Cabling Long Beach welcomes complex installations of voice, data, fiber optic, wireless, and security system cabling. The infrastructure is the foundation of a business and its stability is critical. We provide skilled installations at affordable rates and give companies solid solutions that meet today’s network demands. From the start, we will help you design your network, perform the installation, and provide any future maintenance. We service all of Southern California.

Codes & Standards

Network Cabling Long Beach work complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, codes, ordinances, and regulations regarding installation of network cabling.

All work conforms to the latest edition of the National Electric Code, and the latest TIA/EIA standards. Methodologies outlined in the latest edition of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods manual shall also be used during all installation activities.