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How to Choose a Network Cabling Provider or Installer in 3 Easy Steps

network-cabling-long-beachHere’s an easy 3 step guide to help in the decision making process:

1. Review the experience of the company. They should be able to give you references to satisfied happy customers call those references and inquire on how they would rate their experience with the network cabling company.

An organization with a excellent start to finish approach will help your project run seamlessly. Look for cabling companies with a complete approach to network cabling design, installation, testing, and continued customer support.

Speaking of customer service and support. If your network cabling has issues at some point in the future, you will want to ensure that the company will be there quickly to any issues. Ask about the hours that support is available, how many techs they have on staff, and the emergency response time frames.

2. How will your cabling installation be managed? It all begins with a site survey also known as “pre-fielding” to determine your current wiring situation and get a feel of the actual physical layout involved.

Ensure the network cabling installer you choose will tone, test and label all wires at the patch panel and all workstation wall plates are clearly labeled.

Inquire how the cabling installer will minimize disruptions to your business, ensure they tidy up after themselves, and that you negotiate upfront if specific work (e.g., drilling in employee areas) can or should be done before or after business hours.

There is always short downtime periods, so plan accordingly.



3. Cabling and wiring pricing. It may seem that network cabling in your new office or expansion is a large expenditure. However, calculate the costs over the lifespan of the data wiring, you’ll find that it actually makes up a small part of your overall IT spending over the next few years.

The actual figures will vary based on both the physical layout of the space you’re installing the network cabling, plenum or non-plenum cable, cat5e or cat6.

A rule of thumb for data networks is between$100 to $150 per cable run or “drop,” but that is why a network cabling professional will perform a site survey to investigate the cabling path and all your requirements.

It is always best for more than 5 cable runs to have a site survey and a written estimate from each of the network cabling installers. Don’t just review the overall price, remember you get what you pay for, this axiom holds true for cabling providers. Thoroughly review each quote and scan for line items that may be omitted in some cases.

Some cabling contractors may attempt to win your business with a low quote, then “discover” additional items to charge for once onsite and in the middle of the installation.

Please, remember most of the installation expense is in the labor. Meaning it’s not useful attempting to save a few bucks by choosing cheaper patch panels, racks or wire management material.

Case in point, it often is advisable for additional cabling lines per work area– the incremental cost is relatively low, and then there would be abundant capacity waiting if you need it.

Trust us help you with your network and data cabling requirements….We do perform free site surveys and create custom quotes for your exact needs.